Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just - "Stuff"

Erin has been in a silly mood lately. There's a lot going on here & we really encourage her to show how she's feeling - as long as it's not a tantrum that is.
She is working very hard in school right now. Her grade level is one of 3 that will be putting on a show in school. Each grade level represents a different country, & they get to sing some songs from that country. Erin's grade is representing Italy. Just ask her how Italian people say good morning, & she will smile with a huge grin & say "Buon Giorno!" I love that her preschool does this although I have mentioned that I'd love to see them do China. Her teacher for next year, Miss Cindy, told me that she has done China in the past & would consider it for next year. I'm not holding my breath since she really can't accomodate just one parent. But it would be fun - especially if the show was around Chinese New Year again!
I went to a Spa Night this past week at the synagogue. It was a fund raiser for the ECC (Early Childhood Center). Talk about a nice mom's night out. I had a neck & back massage, a hand & foot massage & my polish changed! I love getting spoiled on the odd occasion. I even won tons of stuff! Erin got a really cute tye-die t-shirt with baby bugs & baby taz embroidered on it, a huge basket with one of the Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses & matching vanity. For myself I won a free sitting at a local photograpy studio that one of the moms works at. Okay, so I'm bad. I outbid my friend Viv. I couldn't help myself! We had Erin's 4 year portraits done, & they were horrible!!!
Of course we also had some wonderful news on the friend's adoption front. Our friends Candy & David finally received their referral after a 16 month wait!!!! Rachel is just beautiful. Now we just have to load Rachel up with some adorable outfits. I know her FCC family is just dying to shop for them.


Sandra said...

Your spa time sounds like heaven! I can't believe you won all that stuff!!
So, are you going to have Erin's portraits re-done?

Magi said...

That spa thing does sound great. I'm jealous!

Thank you very much for coming by and sharing in our good news. We're still over the moon.