Thursday, March 01, 2007

Baking Hamantashcen at School!!

Tuesday Erin's class baked hamantaschen for Purim. These are yummy cookies baked in the shape of a triangle with fillings in the middle. I love the prune or poppy seed filling best. Erin is like her daddy & prefers the chocolate chips or jam filling. Being in the kitchen is a treat for Erin. She loves to cook with her daddy & bake with her mommy. I went in to volunteer with Erin's class. We had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

YEAH for Erin!! Woo Hoo, we're all proud of you!

Lisa & the gang

Michelle said...

Hey Tammie - I love your blog...Erin is just precious.

Since you like to bake I was wondering if you have a good recipe for Challah bread. I have been craving it. Good Catholic girl that I roommate in college was Jewish and I fell in love with Challah. I 'think' I am ready to make it!