Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Things That Annoy Me!

My friend Sandra wants to know what annoys me. I'm pretty sure that my list is long. I always say that patience is a virtue. However, I was born without that particular virtue. Needless to say, there's plenty that I find annoying.
  • Red lights. If I wanted to sit still & do nothing, I'd stay home.
  • My name is T-A-M-M-I-E. Have the courtesy to spell it correctly please. I don't know what possessed my mother to spell it that way (or my dad to allow it), but she did.
  • Snobs. No one is better than anyone. We all came into this world the same way, & we're all leaving the same way. Just because you have more money does not make you better.
  • People who feel the need to let me know that I have a lot of gray hair. Do they realize that I look in the mirror every day at least once. One of my many allergies is an ingredient in hair dye. BTW, my hubby thinks it looks sexy, & his is the only opinion that matters.
  • Stupidity. I refuse to say more here.
  • People who are nasty.
  • Being yelled at. I will do almost anything for almost anyone. Just don't yell at me. I promise that if you do, I'm going to "turn you off."

Well, I think that is more than enough for now. Hopefully, you're not too annoyed with my post. ;-)


Sandra said...

I hear you Tammy. Uh, I mean Tammie :-). I do not like nasty, stupid and snobby people, either!

C.J. said...

Hmmm...people acutally yell at you? Wow, no way that would work for me either!

Noneofyour... said...

As a victim of awkward name spelling...I can relate. I have actually blamed my parents for being on drugs when they decided the spelling of my name...after all, it was 1965. However, I know better since I was adopted.

I hate my name. I could never tell them that though...


Vivian M said...

If red lights annoy you so much, how come you get so upset when I drive right through them? Just kidding!!
Vivian M