Saturday, March 24, 2007

Muscle Sprouts!

Food is a problem in our family. David & I love it. Erin could care less on a good day. Today we went to Olive Garden for lunch. As usual we were joking around. Erin asked what I was eating today so I told her I was eating muscles which I love. My daughter being who she is, innocently says "Like Brussel Sprouts Mama?" So I told her that these were not Brussel Sprouts but muscles. Erin played Popeye, made a "muscle," & said "See Mama, I have Muscle Sprouts!" Needless to say, David & I fell apart laughing.


C.J. said...

Very cute story....oh, I can't wait.

But, then again, Jadyn will never catch me with a mussel or a Brussel Sprout. Seems I'll be the picky eater.

Sandra said...

Tammie, yet another thing we have in common. I love mussels, too!