Thursday, March 01, 2007

Butterfly World -- Again!!

Erin's school puts on an international show each February, & the children all work so hard to put it together. The show was this past Friday, & Erin really came through. Last year it was like she was in shock & couldn't do anything. This year she shined. BTW, that was what another mommy told me! Oh yeah! I was glowing with motherly pride.
Anyway, to celebrate Erin's hard work, we took her to Butterfly World this past Saturday. She just loves butterflies so it was a great day. We all had so much fun just walking around, looking at the beauty of the surroundings & snapping pics.
I even decided that I would have David take a picture of Erin with me. Normally, I'm the one snapping away. Many of my friends balk when I snap pictures of them with their children. I always tell them that I don't have enough pictures of my mother with me, & I regret that. Well, I'm going to be proactive & attempt to give Erin the pictures that I don't have. Needless to say, I don't believe that I photograph well but I'm going to work on it. Here's your proof!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, Tammie - there you are!!! I'm proud of you and it's great to see you on your blog for Erin! You ARE, after all, a part of her life as well! Kudos to you, girlfriend!


Sandra said...

I LOVE seeing you and Erin in a picture together!!!! I am so proud of you for doing this; and it is a great picture, by the way!