Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Birthday Scrap Night

This past weekend my scrapping buddies got together to celebrate my birthday. Normally we do it as close as possible to our birthday, but Lisa's son Joe came down to visit her. It was a great night.
Some of the children came to join in on the fun also! Viv helped them make their own art projects. I got some wonderful gifts from my pals! Lisa knows how much I love the candles she sells (Mia Bella soy BTW) & she gave me a goody bag filled with the yummiest scents ever! Ibis gave me a little basket filled with all kinds of scrap embellishments & Starburst chews. Viv gave me a gorgeous tote which I'm going to use to carry around more of my scrapping odds & ends. And Jamey made a wonderful cheesecake. She found out that's my favorite & asked if she could make one for me since it's her specialty. She also went to the trouble of finding out how to say Happy Birthday in Hebrew & then read it out loud to me.
As I blew out my birthday candles, I made this wish. (Yes, I know that we're not supposed to tell, but really my wish has already come true.) I wished that I would always have friends like these in my life.
Thanks Ladies!

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