Saturday, May 05, 2007

I've Changed My Mind

I have been so grumpy the last few days because of this beautiful child of mine. That's what I've changed my mind about. I'm not really grumpy because of her. I'm grumpy because I've handed over the reins to her. How?
Let's see how I did that.
In the mornings, Erin used to get dressed by herself. Now she's going through a lazy stage crying & screaming that she wants me to dress her for the day.
I weaned Erin off of naps at school since there are no naps in Kindergarten. (And just who decided that at 4 & 5 our children don't still need naps!?) When she gets home, Erin is just plain ole bitchy & whiny. That's my job!
Bedtime has always been a problem for us. I'm so envious of my friends whose children go to sleep with no whining, screaming, crying, tantrums, etc. I'm tired of hearing "When are you going to bed momma?" and "I NOT tired." I'm tired of having a child who falls asleep in the car when we're only going down the street to go shopping & then has a full out tantrum because I've woken her up. Why does she do this? Because she's too damn tired!
Eating. Erin is not a spectacular eater by any means. Veggies is a 4-letter word to her. I can just get her to eat corn although she will wolf down an entire sweet potato. She eats raw carrots & string beans at my friend Debbie's house. At our house, she screams. I even tried buying carrots where Debbie buys them. Then Erin tells me that if Jonathon isn't here to help her eat them, she won't eat them. Argh!!
Routine is important to my girl. I drop her off in the mornings, & David picks her up in the afternoons. Heaven forbid there's any change to that routine. The rest of the day is gone to heck & a handbasket. Yesterday, David got hurt at work by a co-worker whose got the brain cell function of cabbage. (I could have sworn we were all out of high school & no longer hand the need to hit someone to show we like them.) I told him to go home, & that I'd pick her up. Yes. He warned me. No I didn't listen. BTW, I'll never pick her up again. I may leave her at school just to avoid what I went through yesterday afternoon. (I'm joking. Of course, I'll pick her up. I'll also have earplugs with me.)
Now I have to figure out how to change all this. Without another tantrum.


C.J. said...

Yow! Wishing you all you need for you two to get through this little stage o'fun.

I so appreciate that you 'keep it real' so I can keep in mind that there WILL be days I want to tear my hair out.

Lisa said...

Girl, that's what FOUR is all about! Bitching! You, my friend, are not alone. You got to know that Dante is right there next to Erin in so many things... and you're right - ROUTINE is extremely important to these little beings. I hear it also if God forbid I ever have to pick up Dante from school! Hang in there... this too shall pass!



Wendy said...

Bedtime at our house is very stressful as well. When Reegan was little she just gave us a hug and a kiss and then she went to bed. Now it one more hug .. one more kiss. She gets out of bed telling she is not tired. etc., etc., Hany in there this to will pass. You might have to wait until she has moved out but it will pass