Sunday, May 27, 2007

Farewell Breakfast

Yesterday morning, we said goodbye to the Masson family. David, Erin & I joined Vivian, Corey & Kerri at their last breakfast in S FL. This was actually the first time that Corey & David met. The guys were really sweet & allowed Viv & me to indulge ourselves with the female chitchat although I'm sure that they did some talking themselves. You just never know with guys. Erin & Kerri had a nice breakfast also. They got to eat whatever they wanted! Picture it now - lox with cereal & milk. The cereal didn't go over so well, but the lox was a big hit.


Lisa said...

Awww... I'm so happy you two were able to spend some last minute time together before they left. No doubt, the girls will miss each other but I know that you and Viv will do a great job of keeping them in touch! How about a circle journal of sorts? How fantastic that would be to look back on years and years from now, when they're both all grown up!

Vivian Masson said...

Breakfast was wonderful, but saying goodbye was too hard! Thank you for taking the time to see us off, and give the girls some time together! We miss you!