Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Visit

Last night we had our annual birthday visit with our friends Susan & Art & their girls. Erin & Julianna are from the same SWI, are 5 days apart & were adopted at the same time. Since that time, Susan & Art have adopted another daughter, Bella, who is about a month older than Erin. Each year, we celebrate the 3 girls' birthdays together. Our virtual triplets are amazing girls that we all love. Although Erin loves Julianna & Bella tons, she spends the week before the visit talking about how she's going to see Hannah & Livia.

I really enjoyed sitting together with our families enjoying a nice meal while our girls chatted & played. After dinner, we went over to a Starbucks (big surprise there), enjoyed our beverages of choice, chatted some more & watched the girls play. I can't believe how much energy they have!
Each year I take a picture of our girls so I can see how they've grown. This year they did something interesting. Usually, without even realizing it, the girls line up by age - oldest to youngest. This time they just lined up whereever. I didn't even notice it until I was looking at the pictures this morning.


Vivian M said...

It's true! I have seen them lined up in pictures before...they really must be having fun to have forgotten to do that! I am so glad that Erin has all these wonderful "sisters" in her life.

C.J. said...

This year it's a girl pyramid!

Sandra said...

Oh my, the girls are getting so big!!!