Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Pitty Kitty & a New Pet?

Well, David & I learned an important lesson today. Don't get a new pet if you're not sure how your old pet will react. No! We didn't make that mistake but almost did.

Our cat Kira is also known as "The Pitty Kitty." David bought her for me days after our dog Sari had to be put down 9 years ago. We had already made plans to buy a new dog but waiting for Star to be born was killing me. I hated not having an animal in the house. We were walking in to PetSmart just to look around for the new dog toys we'd need. Outside were the cats up for adoption. David wanted this really cool looking cat named "Arrow." Too bad Arrow just hated David. He actually spit at David. We ended up with this tiny cat who looked as if someone had poured a glass of iced tea on her.

Fast forward to this afternoon & once again we were walking into yet another PetSmart. This time we were looking for a specific cat food for Kira. This darn cat is allergic to chicken, turkey & can only eat lamb-based foods. After that horrible pet food scare a few months ago, we decided to put Kira on Purina cat chow. She had so many problems that today we went to buy her the old stuff.

David walked over to the cat adoption area to take a peek. We found a really sweet kitten & a 1 year old cat who both would have fit in great for us. David, Erin & I fell in love with them. Thankfully, I know my animals & said that we needed to see how the existing pets would do. The adoption lady took a towel & rubbed the kitten all over with it. The 1 year old cat rubbed herself all over me. We went home & David put Kira near the towel. She looked at him, stuck her tongue out & walked away. She wouldn't come near me till I changed shirts.

Guess what? We didn't get either cat. It looks like we're going to have to wait quite some time before we can bring home another pet. Erin wasn't too happy but still loves Kira "The Pitty Kitty."


Shari McConahay said...

Don't worry, Tammie, everything happens for a reason. A different pet is destined to be in your family another day. And, we just found another odd coincidence that we share. Our dog, Aku, is also highly allergic, he is currently on potato and rabbit special dog food.

Vivian M said...

Aww Tammie, I am sorry Kira was not receptive to sharing HER house with a new kitty or two. It's a good thing you checked with her first!

C.J. said...

Yep, I've been warned that one of my cats will probably have an anxiety attack when I bring my kiddo home. No choice, baby cat. You have to learn to deal.