Sunday, June 01, 2008

And The Nominees Are. . .

Wow! I am really honored. My dear friend Viv thinks I have something worthwhile to say. Ha! I really just ramble on you know. Perhaps she's a little biased since her daughter Kerri is my goddaughter. However, she is right about one thing. Erin & Kerri have this amazing connection to each other.

From what I understand, I have to nominate 5 other blogs that Make My Day. Unfortunately, I can't nominate Viv though. She certainly deserves it since this is how I see what's going on in her family's life on a daily basis. Odd though since we speak on the phone so frequently. Oh well.

And, the nominees for the 5 Blogs That Make My Day are:

  • Gretchen from A Houseful of Critters. We met back when we were DTC (now known as LID). Many Wednesday nights were spent online chatting along with the daily emails. When we finally traveled to China, Gretchen & I were lucky enough to meet at the famed White Swan days after being united with our gorgeous girls Erin & Elise. Gretchen finally joined the world of bloggers this past year. Ever since then, I have to take a daily peek. I'm so glad that she does 'cause I love read about the goings on in her family!
  • Sandra from The Daily Grind: Life With Jazzie and Tahlia. Like Gretchen, she is also a Waiting Heart. Sandra keeps it real over at her blog with topics of all kinds ranging from PAD (post adoption depression) to fun things like how her Jazzie & Tahlia love ice pops. I have been so blessed to have Sandra in my life. One day we'll meet in person. Till then we'll have a virtual cup of Starbucks together!
  • Lori from Stress is the New Black. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful family. One day, she'll tell me her secrets. Like how she manages to be the mother of a wonderfully empathetic law student & the Dynamic Duo. How she manages to maintain a relationship filled with love, friendship & respect with her hubby Marc. And how she manages to do all this looking wonderful whenever I see her!
  • Magi from Kaffee Klatsch. I found Magi over at Sandra's blog one day & have popped in ever since. She also has a fantastic hubby in Jim. (Hey! Anyone who would make fresh pancakes just because is fantastic in my book!) Her daughter Sera is just the sweetest thing! Pop on over on a Friday to see what recipe she's putting out. Pop on over to see what's going on over there. Just pop on over!
  • PIPO from This Year in China. This woman is my hero! She handles all of her home repairs & rennovations with both grace & "pluck." She is crafty - go see the cakes she bakes & the quilt she just finished. She is one tough cookie with a heart of gold.

To be honest, there are many more blogs out there that I read on a daily basis. If you're in my blogroll, I look for you each day.


Vivian M said...

I knew you would need tissues! I only speak the truth.

Magi said...

Thank you very much. You know that you're one I check every day, too.

Sandra said...

Wow, I am honored. Thank you so much. How come I consider you one of my closest friends, yet we have never met??????? Thank you so much :-)

fricke92 said...

Wow, thank you! I'm such a dork, though, and really only read blogs you and Sandra have introduced to me! :)

Lisa said...

LOL, it's so funny, I have come to meet each of these women friends of yours through YOUR blog! I never get the time to be on daily, but when I do get the time, I love checking out everyone's updates and most especially the photos you all share. You have some very special blogger friends!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Thanks Tammie! You are the best and of course it is so not fair that now I cannot nominate your blog and Viv's blog (2 of my must reads!!) Tomorrow I will do my nominating. Thanks again dear friend.