Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

David is not only a great husband & friend, but he is also an amazing daddy. From the man who once told me he wasn't sure about having kids, he has become SUPER DADDY!!!
When we got off the plane in China, David was still unsure about becoming a dady. When I handed Erin to him the first time, he melted. Just the other day, he told me that fatherhood was so great. He is sure that he didn't want children until he did because then we wouldn't have Erin. I've tried telling him that he always had it in him to be a good father. I think that he finally gets it. When Erin looks at him, with total adoration on her face, he is always surprised that it's for him. But he really is great. David has opened Erin's eyes to so many cool hobbies & experiences. She loves many of the things he loves - astronomy (okay so she calls it looking at sparklies & fuzzies), radio control, building models.
And they really love each other so whole heartedly. I couldn't be prouder of the 2 loves of my life.
Enjoy your very special day my love! You deserve it.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Happy Father's Day David!! I hope that you were spoiled and enjoyed your day immenseley!!

Vivian M said...

Happy Father's Day David!
We agree with Tammie on this one, you are a terrific Dad and Godfather! Hope you enjoyed your day.

fricke92 said...

Wow...when I met him just days after becoming a father in China, I thought he was pretty darn natural in the father role! BTW...I love his "smile"! :)

Happy Father's Day, David!

Sandra said...

Happy Father's Day to David! he looks like a big ole teddy bear :-)

Super Mommy said...

Awww - hope David had a wonderful Father's Day. What a nice tribute you wrote about him!