Friday, June 27, 2008

Travel Group Reunion

Hard to believe it, but it's been 5 years since we were all together.
Stephanie R pulled together an amazing reunion in San Antonio, Texas! Out of the 15 families that traveled, only 6 were able to attend. And we had a total blast! Stephanie & her husband Gary really did a fantastic job. They took the time to scout out all the hotels & restaurants & places of interest for us to visit. Then they gave us choices to vote on. There is just no way for me to offer enough thanks to them for all their hard work on our behalf!
Erin & I flew in on Monday, June 16th & checked in to The Menger Hotel - a beautiful, historical, family friendly hotel. After checking in & getting settled into our room, we went downstairs to find the rest of our group. We all ended up out by the pool which was too funny. Erin sat there totally miserable since she wasn't in her swimsuit. My thought? Hey. She doesn't like water & doesn't swim. Why put her into a suit? (Reverse psych 101 works!) We ran upstairs to put on her suit & the dads took care of her in the pool. We got together in Stephanie & Gary's room for dinner since they had a suite which was large enough for all of us to meet in. Dinner was a wonderful BBQ that they brought with them from their hometown. Apparently, Texans really do take their BBQ very seriously!
Tuesday morning we all came down to breakfast & enjoyed a leisurely time chatting & watching the children. Then we got ready to walk around the gardens of The Alamo for some pics of our girls. Afterwards we walked over to the San Antonio Children's Museum for fun & games. After a morning of playtime we took the trolley over to Mi Tierra for some yummy Mexican food. Of course we had to walk off that delicious luncheon in the Marketplace. After a wonderfully exciting day, we napped & then met back in Stephanie & Gary's room for a birthday project. Yup. Stephanie again! We brought enough pics for 15 scrapbooks of our girls & stickers that represent things they are into. And now the girls have a scrapbook of each other. We even put together books for the girls who weren't able to be there. And let's not forget Gary's mother Helen (she traveled with Stephanie & Gary) & his dad Melvin who came to visit with us & brought birthday cupcakes for the girls! Dinner & drinks at the pool! Relaxation at its best!
Wednesday brought about a walking tour of The Alamo - not very long at all. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take pictures inside. Me being, well, me I walked over to the information center & asked them why we weren't allowed to. After all, I'm a sight seeing person & want memories of my trip. They looked shocked at my question but very graciously told me that many people consider The Alamo a shrine & get offended when people snap pics. In addition, they are concerned about preserving the artifacts & what the flashes & such will do. Alas, my memories will have to suffice. After the tour, we went back to Stephanie & Gary's room for a delicious & relaxing lunch from a local deli. More time at the pool was ordered by all the children so the adults went for it. Dinner was at Joe's Crab Shack & followed by a Riverwalk boat cruise.
Thursday most of the families left. Erin & I were alone relaxing (a nice long nap!) in our room after days of walking & touring. Amy & Mike joined us with their children Lia & Miles for dinner at The Republic of Texas on the Riverwalk. After that we went for ice cream & then Mike & Miles deserted us so that Amy I could take the girls for a hansom cab horse ride. This is a biggie since Erin has been terrified of horses, but this treat was at her insistence.
It was so much fun seeing everyone who was able to attend!
Stephanie & Gary with Emma, Lissie & Ian
Marilyn with Julianne
Amy & Mike with Miles & Lia
Theresa & Andrew with Joe & Grace
Pam & Luis with Trinity
And, of course, we did miss the families who weren't able to attend! We all had a great time & now we're planning to have another reunion in 2 years. San Antonio will be hard to beat!
Friday morning early, Erin & I left for the last leg of our vacation. On to California!


Super Mommy said...

Wow sounds like fun! You were in my neck of the woods - well sort of - we live in Houston! Good for you for making the effort to go to the reunion - we have only gone once, when Jade was a baby! It sounds like you had a yummy time!

Candy said...

Welcome Home! I've missed reading updates, but enjoyed hearing all about your reunion. How nice that was to get together with so many families that you traveled with. Now I want to see pictures.

Vivian M said...

So, where are the pictures??!!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Sounds like an amazing travel wonderful. I also demand pics!! :) said...

love the scrapbooking idea

glad the reunion was great...