Monday, June 02, 2008

Gotcha Day #5

Today is the day! It's Gotcha Day 5 years later & I just can't believe that life was any better than it is right this very minute.
David & I were so nervous about the actual moment. How would we feel? How would we react? How would that sweet little baby react? After all, we looked different, smelled different & sounded different.
Our guide, Cindy got all of the families together early enough so that we could have the special honor & joy of waiting in a room filled with 15 families waiting to be united with their children. A room with not one drop of air conditioning. Not a hint of a breeze. Even I got hot waiting! All of the families walked around the room nervous as can be. I even have a picture of Gary Ranly showing us his watch. I was snapping pics of everyone just waiting.
Art & Susan asked David & me to make sure that we took pics & videod the moment when Julianna was placed in their arms. Duh! Like I would miss out on that moment. I have a video taped segment of Art telling us "no more, we're done." (I knew that was not true.) Susan turned around to address David Scott so of course I addressed Arthur John. Who remembers why? Who cares?
All I know is that when the babies finally came in, the 6 Yangchun families were told there would be a delay. The director with the nannies & babies were facing a traffic jam or some such thing. ARGH!!! I didn't want to wait anymore. I wanted Erin in my arms NOW.
As the babies were brought into the room, I took pictures of the families being joined with their daughters. I knew that as soon as I could I would develop the pics in doubles so I could share that special moment with the families. I had a blast doing it. Those pictures sit in my photo album, & I remember each parent & the look of joy on their faces.
Finally!! The Yangchun babies arrived!! Susan was looking out the door & screamed (in an ever so ladylike tone - not) that they were here. I got my camera ready since I didn't know the order that the babies would be united with the families. As I was snapping away, Mrs. Yu called out "Hersh," & I missed it. David yelled at me to "put the damn camera down" so I could take our daughter in my arms. Thanks for getting that moment Susan!
Tears streaming down my face. My heart exploding with joy. Finally, after all the years of wanting to be a mother, I was holding OUR BABY. I was so humbled by the beauty that was my daughter. Erin just looked at me. No tears. No screaming. She just came right to me. In an outfit straight from Target??? David was looking at me holding our daughter, & never had I seen such a look of total love as I did at that moment. And then I placed Erin in his arms. And he became a daddy. All the years of not wanting to be a father, all the uncertainties of how he could possibly be a good father. They just melted away when he looked into her face.
When we got back to the White Swan, we called our parents to let them know they were grandparents. David spoke with his parents. For some reason I can't remember my in-laws reaction other than "congratulations." I know they were excited since they started us on this journey but can't recall more than that. I spoke with my dad. He & my stepmother were overjoyed. And then my dad told me how happy he was & how happy my mother would have been if she were still around.
David & I thank G-d each night before we go to sleep. We thank Him for placing this beautiful child into our lives & entrusting us with her. And we tell Erin each & every night how happy we are that we all adopted each other.


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing that experience in detail with us. I've often wondered what it would be like to go through the process, it's such a different 'moment', yet still just as important and special and touching and life changing. Congratulations to you all again, and I'm so glad that it happened. It was through your little Erin that I gained one of my very dearest friends! Hugs!

Candy said...

Congratulations! I know the feeling. It doesn't get much better than when that child is placed in your arms for the first time. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Angel said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful day.

fricke92 said...

Congratulations! Hard to believe it's been 5 years already.

I remember meeting up with you in the White Swan. It was so clear that Erin had already wrapped her daddy around her little finger! :)

Happy Gotcha Day!

Sandra said...

Happy Gotcha Day! I can't believe it has really been 5 years!

Vivian M said...

Happy 5th anniversary! Did you do anything special to celebrate?

Super Mommy said...

Happy "Gotcha" Day! I love hearing adoption day stories!