Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Morning Phone Calls Suck!

When my home phone rings before 8:00 am, it's never good news. Whether it's David or a family member or a co-worker, I know that it can't be good. After all, who calls before 8:00 am to say have a great day when they know you're getting ready to leave for work?
Today's call came from my sister-in-law Sandra. Gotta love Caller ID. I answer "What's wrong?" and she says "Everything's okay. Calm down." Ha! Who is she kidding? She never calls to say hi - at least not in the morning.
My mother-in-law is (no surprise for those of you who know David) a stubborn woman with a will of iron. She hasn't been well for a while now but we all deal with it. After all, she's going to be 82 in November. It seems that her stomach has really been bothering her the last 5 days or so. My father-in-law took her to the doctor who did a workup. The results came back normal but something isn't right because she's really in pain. She was sent to the hospital where they did a ton of testing - last night.
We were told that my mother-in-law needs surgery. The problem? At 81, she really isn't in the best of health. If she truly has to have it, we're not even sure she'll come out of it & be much better. Needless to say, we're all a touch stressed out. David left work early to go up & visit with his mother. When he left, he called me to tell me that she's in better spirits than he was told but she isn't happy with the thought of surgery. And best of all? The results of today's testing indicate everything is normal. HUH???? And now we wait for more info to come our way.
I was right. Morning phone calls suck.


Sandra said...

Yes, they do! Gotta love a feisty 81 year old :-) I hope she feels better.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I pray that they get to the bottom of what is ailing your MIL soon and take her pain away.

Yes, I agree that early morning phone calls are never good :(

Michelle said...

agreed...morning calls are never good.

Hope they figure out what is happening quickly.

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry to hear that your MIL is ill. I hope and pray that they can correctly diagnose your MIL's cause of pain and that she will heal quickly. Please tell David we are here for him (and you too)!

Candy said...

Our thoughts are with you and David and hope that the test results all show that everything is fine and that whatever is causing the pain goes away quickly. I agree with the early morning phone calls. I hate them with a passion.

missy said...

Oh, I'm sorry your mother-in-law isn't feeling well! And yes, am calls do suck! Hope she is feeling better soon.

Dawn S. said...

yes! you are right! they do. when my mom was sick my dad called me at 1:20 in the morning - NEVER has ever done that before so I knew something was wrong! She is better now, and we will pray for the same for your mil.