Monday, July 07, 2008

Ugh. What a Weekend.

This past weekend was a bust. Pfffttt! Just like that.
I had such a nice vacation but last week was really hard on me. I guess traveling for 2 weeks really took its toll on me. When Erin & I travel we usually go without David since he totally hates going away. Of course, Erin hates being separated from either one of us so this makes things harder on me. She does great during the day but will cry herself to sleep at night. "I want Dada." "I want to sleep in my own bed." (Read: I want to sleep in bed with both you & Dada.) "I not tired." You get the picture. And she never sleeps through the night. Which means that I get no rest.
Well last week was time to get back to reality & return to work. Because I was gone for 2 weeks, I had tons of work & email to go through. Yay. I fell asleep by 7:30 each night last week. By the time Friday came, I felt awful - tired, cranky, not willing to be happy with anyone or anything. I spent the entire weekend feeling out of sorts. Thankfully, David put up with me & my garbage. He let me sleep on & off all weekend & let me pass on all of my usual chores. By Monday night, I was back to myself. And my hubby being who he is just let me be grumpy the entire time.
Thanks Sweetie!


Vivian M said...

Aww David is a sweetheart. hey, he had to survive on take out and delivery for two weeks while you were gone!
Hope you are feeling way better.
((Huge hugs))

Sandra said...

Sounds like you got a keeper in David :-)

Go and have some coffee - it will make you feel better!

fricke92 said...

Doesn't it stink having to come back to work?!? I always dread that first day back after any time away.

David is a gem! Bet he's glad to have his ladies back home.

Candy said...

I'm glad you're feeling back to your usual self. We all need a vacation when we get back from a vacation. There's nothing like sleeping in our own bed, showering in our own shower, and sitting on our own couch. Welcome Home!

missy said...

Oh, I want a hubby like that !!!

Lucky lady : )

Glad you are feeling better and are back at it!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Sorry that you had such a tough weekend :(

It is wonderful that you were just able to do what you needed to in order to regroup.

We are glad that you are back.