Monday, September 17, 2012


Back at the end of June I joined WW.  Again.  I was tired of always feeling tired & being uncomfortable breathing.  So far, so good.  I've managed to lose 16/17 lbs.  It isn't much, but I'm doing this slowly on purpose.  Whenever I lose weight quickly, I end up going back to my old habits.

It's now been 2.5 months & I like the changes in me.  I'm looking forward to more changes.  Some of what I'm seeing is:

  • I eat breakfast now - something I never used to do.  My new fave breakfast?  Something I call Sandra's Yummy Yogurt.  I am hoping she shares more recipes!
  • I'm limiting my soda intake.  Down to 1 per day.  Face it - a 12 oz can is 4 points & for now it's okay to use them on a soda.  By the end of October, I hope to limit  drinking so much Coke & switch to seltzer.  (I have to have my fizz.)
  • My body talks to me, & I've started to listen.  When it tells me that enough is enough, I listen rather than forcing myself to finish something just because it tastes good. 
  • I don't clean my plate anymore.  It's okay.  I don't have to.  I've told Erin that she doesn't have to clean her plate so why do I have to?  I don't.  That is SO liberating.
  • When I do eat out, I'm more careful with my choices.  I also started to ask for a box immediately so I can pack up half my meal.  I'm finding that I still manage to leave some on my plate.  Again.  Very liberating.
What has happened as a result of just these few things? 
  • My clothing fits better & in fact some is already too big.
  • Erin sees me eating healthier which means better choices for her also.  (For example, when I asked her to try some different veggies this past week she did.  She didn't like them, but the point is that she actually tried them.
  • I'm starting to feel better bit by bit.
I'm not expecting to, nor do I want to, ever go back to what I weighed in high school.  I just want to be healthier.  I'd say that's a pretty good goal for me.


dawn said...

You are amazing. You had better be so proud of yourself.....I'm proud of you.

Michelle said...

So proud of you! Isn't it amazing when you release the inner child of 'cleaning your plate' If we are having something that I know I will over eat I will use a salad plate rather than a dinner plate. I feel like I am getting more that way!

After Baby is born I am back on WW and hopefully back to running!!