Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh Boy! The Things She Says!

Well, this has definitely been an interesting week for us. Erin has gotten even more sassy than ever. I don't even know how to explain that but she is. Then there are the things that she says.

My last posting told the story "Little Girls Don't Like This." My coworkers were laughing like crazy when I told them.

Well, yesterday had Erin her 4 year dental checkup & well-visit checkup. In the morning as we were getting ready she asked me if there was a potty in the dentist's office. Now what kind of question was that one!? With a straight face, I said of course there would be a potty at his office but why did she want to know. Erin looked at me like I had 3 heads & said "I might need to go potty momma!"

Then we went to her 4 year checkup with the wonderful Dr. Liang. Erin really likes her pediatrician which makes things easy for us. When Dr. Liang walked into the examining room, Erin said "Hi Dr. Liang! You look like "W." I started to laugh so hard! We watch Good Eats on the Food Network with Alton Brown. There is a character on the show by the name of "W." Well, W is Asian. I had to explain to Dr. Liang that Erin is finally starting to notice Asian people. Thankfully, the doctor has a great sense of humor & laughed with us.

I can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings us!

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sandra said...

That's funny! We like Alton Brown, too!!! Are all Yangchun girls this sassy??