Friday, February 09, 2007

Then & Now

January 2007

August 2006

August 2005

April 1, 2003 David & I got a referral of the most beautiful child to come from China - Chun HuaXu now known as Erin Chelsie. We fell in love immediately!

Every once in a while my friend Sandra does a retrospect of her girls, & I always enjoy it. Today I thought I would finally do something to see how Erin has changed. I usually save all of the pictures from a year onto a cd & put the cd away for safekeeping. That made it hard find anything older than 2005. However, I can definitely see Erin changing just from August 2005 up till a month ago. I just love seeing how she has grown!


Lisa said...

And so do we! I can see changes in her even from Aug of '06! It's amazing how fast these little beauties grow and change! Ahhh, but then again, this is EXACTLY why we take so many pictures and scrap them all along the way, isn't it?

Lisa C. and the gang

Sandra said...

Amazing how they change, isn't it?? Love the looking back pics of sweet Erin!

C.J. said...

Hi Tammie!

Wow, it's fun to see how Erin has grown and changed. I look forward to following along now that we have 'found' each other.

Looking at your lovely growing girl, I am giving you the letter 'g'!

Thanks for playing along :0)