Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Got "G"!!!!

Great Wall China Adoptions
This is the adoption agency that David & I used to complete our family. Without them, Erin wouldn't be a part of our lives. Nor would we have the lifelong friends that we now have.

I love grapes!! In fact, when I buy grapes, I buy bags of them - green, purple, red, black. It doesn't matter because I love them all!

Great Wall of China

When David & I traveled to China in 2003 to adopt Erin, sightseeing wasn't allowed due to SARS. We decided that we would love to go back & see the The Great Wall when Erin is older.


I love to work with glitter when I do projects with my students. It's messy but everyone has so much fun with the stuff.


C.J. said...

Great 'G's....a girl can never have too much glitter ;0)

Sandra said...

Are you and Jazzie related? She likes grapes and glitter, too!