Thursday, February 22, 2007

Visiting Susan & Her Family

Julianna & Erin - The Yangchun Cuties!

And just what do you say here???
The weekend of February 11th Erin & I visited our friends Susan & Art & their family. We try to visit them on their turf once a year since they come down to visit us so frequently. Our visit usually coincides with Chinese New Year. Susan & I usually have a great time just zoning & doing nothing other drinking our chai lattes from Starbucks. Yummy! We're so addicted that our girls know to let us be comfy when we're sipping away.

Our girls have a great time together which makes it especially nice for the adults. Susan's girls always make Erin feel like another sister when we're all together. They play outside (weather permitting) & just have a "grand ole time." I love to sit back, chat with Susan & hear the girls laughing.

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Sandra said...

I love that I was finally able to see those Fremer girls! Erin is growing up quickly. What a smile she has!!!