Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Tea in Erin's Class

My flowers from Erin

I'm not quite sure about this dance!

It sure looked like fun!

On Thursday of this past week, Erin's class had a Mother's Day Tea. It was so sweet. The children had prepared cucumber sandwiches, baked cookies & made iced tea for us. I absolutely loved the projects they did. Each child wrote why they love their mother, made a collage with pictures of themselves & items cut out from magazines with words they wrote describing their mothers & a pot with flowers that they planted.

After having our "tea," Miss Cindy read the book "I Love You Forever" to the children & the moms. It's really a sweet book, & if you haven't read it, I'd suggest getting it. Then the children danced for us.

It was a wonderful morning. Thanks Erin!


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

How wonderful. Your tea looked like loads of fun and Erin looks so happy in her class. We had a Mother's Day breakfast at Katie's and Ethan's school. I will post about it soon.

Happy Mother's Day!!

fricke92 said...

What a nice treat! Happy Mother's Day!

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day treat! And I am so glad you let her wear her favorite shoes!
Happy Mother's Day dear friend.

Super Mommy said...

Great pictures - Erin is certainly enjoying herself. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day celebration!

Magi said...

What a great way to celebrate. How sweet!

If what you were told is true, I'll be potty training until Sera's in kindergarden since she's over two, and we've not really started trying yet. LOL

Sandra said...

How sweet! Tahlia had a Mother's Day Tea at her school and they did a very similar dance! LOL....

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you, my friend.

missy said...

So sweet! I love this idea and must do it with my first graders next year. I see they were doing the "Tooty Ta" dance...always a crowd pleaser.