Monday, May 26, 2008

So How Do You Take Yours?

We LOVE popcorn here! It's really quite an addiction for us!

My BlogLand friend Magi & her hubby Jim also love popcorn. I have a feeling that their daughter Sera will be enjoying the stuff soon also. Erin can't live without the stuff. It's why movies were created after all!

When I was a child, my dad took this funky silver thing out of our pantry & told me that I was in for a treat. He put that thing on the stove & so began my lifelong love affair with popcorn. Yup! You guessed it by the way. It was Jiffy Pop popcorn. Put it on the stove, shake it up a few times & the most wonderful aroma hits you like nothing else.

Every Friday night we have movie night in our house. Erin gets to choose which movie we're going to watch. Usually it's a Harry Potter movie or Lord of the Rings. Then we move on to popcorn. David takes down our corn popper & pours in the Orville Redenbacher. Erin gets so excited watching it pop. As soon as it's done popping, she starts to demand her butter spray. And then she carries over the huge bowl of popcorn to demolish it on her own. It always amazes David & me how she can eat so little when it comes to food, but when it comes to popcorn, she is just barely willing to let you sit next to her.

While David & Erin love their popcorn loaded with butter & salt, I don't. I prefer the kettle corn flavor or even plain with some garlic powder or parmesan sprinkled on it. How do you like yours!?


Michelle said...

I knew I liked you and I love popcorn...oh so yummy. I like popcorn with raisinette chasers.

I like popcorn with butter salt from Kroger (it is a Kroger brand) Everytime we go to Cinci we must stock up (the other weekend I got 4 shakers)

fricke92 said...

I have boxes and boxes of Cub Scout popcorn I could send you! And now we know who to hit up next popcorn selling season! :)

I recently rediscovered popcorn myself. On my health kick, I found some super high fiber popcorn and pop it without oil so it's really healthy. I then douse it with butter and salt so not it's not so healthy when I'm done. (But it still has 8 grams of fiber per serving, that counts for some health benefit, right?!?)

Vivian M said...

Scary....Corey and Kerri are like David and Erin. I am like you, and the only one that likes Kettle Corn flavor in this house!
However, we do the microwave thing here. Or buy it premade. Popcorn is the one food I never learned to make!

Super Mommy said...

How timely - I just finished a bowl of popcorn! I like Pop Secret (microwave) with butter. We love to throw m&ms in ours when it's hot - yummy!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I love it full of butter but I am basically relegated to the 100 calorie smart pop...ugh!!

Candy said...

I also like kettle corn. I love popcorn, but don't make it too often because I'll eat the entire bag on my own. I know they make smaller bags, but that's not enough. LOL

Lisa said...

Ohhhh.... I have to side with David and Erin on this one. I love popcorn drenched with butter. Oh, and cheese popcorn, too. But then again kettle corn is also very good. Guess I like it any way I can get it