Thursday, May 01, 2008


Need I say more?

David went to pick Erin up from school this afternoon. He went out on to the school's playground where she usually is by the time he gets there. No sooner than he walks out the door than he hears the teacher on duty tell the children not to hang off the side of the tall slide. Yup. That was our sweet girl who was hanging around with her feet mere inches from the teacher's face. (What was the teacher doing just hanging around right there when she knew that was what the children were doing?) When Erin saw David, she got down & went over to him. Because she had shown disrespect to the teacher, David made her go back & apologize to the her. And that's when her "mood" began.

It didn't get any better by the time I got home either. We were treated to an evening filled with love & whining. Oh yea. That's just what I wanted tonight. Uh huh. Give me more.

Either way, her whining was sufficient enough that she was told to get into jammies earlier than usual. She chose to not eat dinner. Why? Well, you see, the eggplant parmigan that she tried last night & couldn't get enough of is GREEN, and we all know that Erin doesn't do green. And here I was thrilled that I had finally gotten my child to eat a vegetable! How did this happen? David prepared dinner as usual & put her serving on her plate. Ah ha! He had cut her eggplant parmigan up into bite-sized pieces. When she ate it last night, I was giving it to her off of my plate, & she never saw the color. Oh well.


Lisa said...

Oh, Erin... we love you anyway. Green or no green. Even if we can't understand how you can eat something one day and not want any part of it the next. Hang in there, tomorrow's another day!

Vivian M said...

Can I suggest food coloring? Just kidding...
Hang in there, we still have to make it to the teenage hormone years. With my luck, I will be going through menopause by that time and Corey will just want to move out!