Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Hate Preparing for Birthday Parties

Have you heard the news? I absolutely hate preparing for birthday parties. Period.
Why you ask? Well, let's see:
  • A July party should NEVER be outside - especially when you live in S FL. Just ask Erin & of course anyone who came to her party last year. David went home & brought all of our fans from home to try & cool us down. It didn't work so we all "glistened" throughout the day. I didn't want a park party, but Erin had her heart set on a bounce party, & my friend Lisa wanted Erin to have her party with her favorite bounce. Besides, how do you say "no" to your only child will turn 5 only once in her lifetime. (I said "no" this year.)
  • Erin & I are traveling to Texas for her Travel Group reunion & then on to California for a visit with Bubbie & Zaydie. Don't you think a 2 week vacation is enough of a birthday present? I do. Apparently David disagrees since he asked her what kind of party she wanted. ARGH!!
  • All the neat places to hold parties are NOT in the county we live in. I can't justify having her party in Miami because, while I love him, my brother & his family would be the only guests who live there so everyone else would be totally inconvenienced. (I have some dear friends who don't cross county lines.)
  • My good friend Michelle told me last week "Oh! I booked Lauren's party for the weekend of the girls' birthdays. It's at YCA." Great. Now I'm stuck because this is a really cool place, but you can't have 2 parties in the place for the same weekend with the same guests. Another ARGH!!!
  • Erin loves to run & jump & bounce. We went to a great place for a party last weekend. She wouldn't jump into the foam pit because the poor girl didn't believe there was no water under the foam pieces. (It ripped my heart to see her standing by the foam pit looking as if she wanted to jump in. She literally couldn't the fear is still so strong.)

And now I don't have a clue about what to do! She would like a bowling party but I'll tell you right now, the children just run around & don't bowl. She would like a ceramics party, but how do you keep 30 kids aged 1-11 sitting & painting for 1 1/2 hours?

UGH!! I hate party planning.


Michelle said...

Could you convince Erin to have a 5.5 party? That way it would be cooler and you could have it outside? I did that once my birthday being in Feb there are only so many ice skating/sled riding parties one girl could one year we did a half party in August...I loved it we had a huge 'half' cake and it was so much fun to have a party not at my 'real' birthday.

fricke92 said...

Oh my gosh, this is right up my alley! I love doing the idea of having doing a 1/2 party. Do you have a local Y? Ours does great parties (that include a hostess to help keep tabs on the kids!) Sounds like Erin wants something active. Any indoor sports places around? I'll bet they do parties. If all else fails, call the director of Erin's school or her teacher and see if they have any ideas. They'd be in the know of great places to take a group of kids in the area.

Good luck!

Magi said...

30 kids? Yikes! You have my sympathy.

Sandra said...

30 kids???? I like the half party idea, but I assume Erin really wants something for her real birthday. Sorry my friend, but I have no words of advice :-(

PIPO said...

I'm still sweating thinking of the outdoor party in Florida's July....then I got to the part about 30 kids.

Oh am I ever in for it in days to come. That said, I wish you the best and will learn from you.

Super Mommy said...

Jade's birthday is also in July - and we live in TX - so I totally understand about the heat and outside parties in the summer. One year I had her party at the Children's Museum - part of it was indoors, the other part outdoors. They had a worker who kept all the kids in line. Do you have something similar? How about a gymnastics/tumbling party? I cringe at the thought of planning the parties, but both my girls get so excited about it and I don't want to show my dismay - I just bite the bullet and plow through. Good luck and let us know what you choose!!

Vivian M said...

We attended a great party once at the Young at Art musuem in Davie (right off State Rd 84). As a cool giveaway, the Mom handed out free passes for the kids to come back to the museum. Not only did the museum provide a private room and two attendants that served food and cake, they also did a great activity where the kids stamped and painted their own museum bags as souvenirs. After the party, we had the run of the museum (which was very educational and definately kid oriented. Kerri and the kids loved it and we were there for hours. If nothing else pans out, you may want to check into it.

Vivian M said...

And there is always Gymboree in Coral Springs!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I do not remember being that hot last year. I vote for the park again hehehe!!

Angel said...

I missed it last year but I will cross county lines for you and Erin. :-)

Hugs! I hate planning Gracie's birthday because it is just after Christmas and that is hard.

tp said...

Can you believe they are going to be 6???????????? Wow, the time flew so fast.
I am envious of you having a travel group reunion. Have a wonderful time.

Sweet Memories said...

I love birthdays!.
My son is 3 years old and he was the one giving me ideas on how to make him feel it was his b'day and not mine :). He said he wanted to be a cowboy so...everything was outside with cowboy hats and a cow piƱata LOL.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh, quit your cryin', ha ha. Last year's party was AWESOME, I mean, how can you top that? I tend to agree on the bowling... at this age they're not doing much of it. How about a gymnastics?