Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Daddy & His Daughter

As you look at this picture you can see how much David hates having his picture taken. However, you can also see just how much Erin loves being in her daddy's arms. At the end of a long day, watching them together gives me an amazing feeling of peace.

The last few weeks have been hard on David & Erin. We had given her permission to stop napping during the day at camp. Erin is such an active child, that at the end of the day, she was totally zonked. David picks her up from school & camp since he gets off earlier than I do. Each day he picked her up, she would start out by screaming at him & passing out on the way home. She would sleep until I got home from work when it was time for dinner. Dinner was not an enjoyable time for our family. Erin has never been the best of eaters - unless a snack was involved - & it got worse once we stopped naptime. By the time bedtime came around, Erin wanted nothing to do with David & would even scream at him to go away. David & I had a talk this past week & decided that Erin was going back to napping during the day. Well, the change in her personality made us positive the decision was the best thing for us. Since she started napping during the day again, Erin has returned to being the loving daughter we have known. She looks forward to doing things with Daddy again - even playing her drums.

I have to admit that I absolutely adore watching David be a daddy. He is such a warm & loving father! David is an avid astronomer. Whenever he takes out one of his telescopes, as long as Erin is still awake, they go out together to look at the sparklies & fuzzies (a/k/a stars & clouds). They both get super excited about their time together. David even bought Erin a new blanket that has the planets & stars on it. This has become her favorite blanket.

He's already planning on scaring off all of Erin's future boyfriends. You should hear all of the mean things he's planning on doing! And, of course, I'm right there with him!

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Sandra said...

Aw, Tammie....that is so sweet. Matt is quite the astronomer as well. Wouldn't it be great to see David and Matt check out some sparkles and fuzzies with the girls??