Monday, August 07, 2006

It's So Hard to Be 4

This was such a great weekend for Erin. Friday night we celebrated Erin's 4th birthday with our friends Art & Susan whose youngest daughter, Juliana, was adopted at the same time as Erin. The girls are from the same SWI (Yangchun), & we try to get together a few times a year - their birthdays being one of those times. We went out for dinner with Art & Susan & their family down here in S FL & had a great time.

Saturday morning Erin & I went to the adoption workshop that Susan held. A few other adoptive moms came with their children. It was so cool to watch all the babies play together. Erin really loves babies & had a blast with the girls. Afterwards, Erin & I went home & hung out with Daddy David. I love watching Erin & David together. He's such a super father & totally in love with fatherhood - even on the most trying of days. They spent part of their time together playing on Erin's new drum set. This child is amazing. She has the rock & roll genes for sure.

Sunday was our shopping day, & Erin was such a trooper. After dragging her all over town, all she wanted to do when we got home was ride her new scooter. She had a great time scooting up & down our street on her pretty pink scooter. David & I let her stay up a bit later so he could put together her new vanity. Uncle Seth, Aunt Annie & Cousin Sean thought a young lady of 4 just has to have a vanity - especially a pink one! She's having the time of her life sitting at her new vanity putting on makeup (pretend!) & coming her hair.

Yup! It was a nice weekend all in all.

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Sandra said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, Tammie!! Busy, just like ours! It is so funny, because every time I see a picture of Erin, it is like looking into the future with Tahlia. I think Tahlia looks a lot like Erin...Is it just me?