Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Little Girls Don't Like That

I know that the title here is "Little Girls Don't Like That," but these pictures just remind me of how happy Erin really is. Last night for dinner David & I ordered in pizza & wings. Erin asked me what I was eating so I explained that they were chicken wings. She asked me if she could try one, & of course, since she's such a picky eater I got excited & said yes. I gave her the wing, she smelled it, put it by her mouth & then put it back on the platter. With a very serious look on her face, she said "Momma, little girls don't like that." David & I just started to laugh. It seems that there's a lot little girls don't like - vegetables, chicken wings, red meat, bedtime, rules, etc.

Erin has really been enjoying craft time in school & camp so this past weekend I told Erin we could have craft time at home. I purchased a set of ceramic magnets that Erin could paint. She was just as happy as could be painting them & really enjoyed seeing them up on our fridge. This is really the first time she's wanted to do anything other than play-doh. Normally, Erin likes to use her color wonder markers & books, play with her remote control car or even sit in her room & jam on her drums.

Just a few weeks ago, my friends Lisa & Scott took Erin (& me) out for a belated birthday celebration. We went to Chuck E Cheese where she started to have one of her meltdowns since she can't take loud noises. We worked through it, & she ended up having a great time with her buddy Robbie (Lisa & Scott's son).

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Sandra said...


Erin looks wonderful! Welcome to the world of "At home Crafting"!