Thursday, December 06, 2007

Allergic to December 4th?

It's been an exciting Chanukah holiday so far. Tuesday was the first night & went beautifully. That is until about 2:00 a.m. when Erin woke up. She was screaming for me that she needed to go potty so I went & brought her in. (Still can't figure out why she won't come in on her own.) When she'd finished up, she decided to climb into our bed. That lasted maybe 5 minutes. Then she jumped up & vomited all over the bed. GROSS!!!! David never moved so quickly in his life. He has now mastered changing bed linens & putting up a wash while totally asleep in under 5 minutes.
Needless to say, I kept Erin home yesterday & called her pediatrician. When the nurse called back 10 minutes later, she told me this was going around & would last 48 hours. Thankfully, the whole thing was over by 6:00 last night - no fevers, no vomitting. I kept her home again today because she ate nothing at all yesterday. Today it took her forever just to eat a mini bagel; however, she ate it willingly.
When I talked to my dad & stepmother last night, I mentioned that this was the exact date she got sick last year. My stepmother has decided that Erin is allergic to December 4th. Hmmmm. . . She may be right.
Hopefully, she'll be fine for tonight since she didn't enjoy unwrapping her presents last night. Of course, she's been wearing her Hello Kitty slippers all day & hasn't put her Hello Kitty magnet board away yet. I wonder what she's going to open tonight?


Vivian M said...

Oh no!!! That only happened to me once, while Corey was in Canada and I was in Florida. It was not fun, and I gagged almost as much as she did!
Glad to hear Miss Erin is doing much better and enjoying her new Miss Kitty goodies. Huge hugs!!

The Katie Starr Team said...

Oh man; poor baby!! So glad to hear that she is all better. I hate tummy bugs.

Justin used to come to our bedroom door when he was ill and proceed to tell us that he was going to be sick and then he would heave. I never understood why he just did not go to thr bathroom and call us from there...ugh!! Oh well, that is part of being a