Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Blood is Boiling

Tonight was the night of nights. I can't believe how angry I am!
David & I took Erin out for dinner to Red Lobster. It's one of our favorite places. Erin loves their bisuits, & we were really in the mood for seafood. We let Erin sit on the outside of the booth on David's side as a treat. Big mistake.
As an elderly couple was leaving the restaurant they passed us, & the lady said "oh how sweet" which was nice. The old man had the nerve to reach out & touch my child's face as he said "how sweet also." How dare he touch my daughter!! Who the heck does he think he is!? Erin wasn't any happier about it. That said we put her on the inside seat & thought that would be the end of it. HA!!
We were walking to our car when an old man looked at us & asked us "Is she for sale?" WHAT THE F***!?!? I was so angry that I turned around called him an idiot. It was the nicest thing I could say. David was fuming. Erin got so upset that I wanted to turn & go after that man. Erin got very defensive & said "I NOT for sale! You my mommy & dada." Thank G-d that she is so secure in our love for her.
What the heck is wrong with people!? Have they lost their minds!? I am so darn angry that people take such liberties.


Vivian M said...

Isn't it amazing the things that come out of people's mouths sometimes? And they probably think they are being funny or cute.
I am very glad that Erin can stand up for herself, even though she has the best Mommy and Daddy in the world to protect her.

Angel said...

That is awful! Touching your daughter was bad enough but the fool who said that is beyond stupid! You handled it very well. I'm so glad Erin is such a secure little girl.

Isn't it amazing how utterly idiotic some people are?

Magi said...

Wow, people are really stupid. It almost makes you want to live on a deserted island. Luckily there are enough great people to give up on that idea. Good for you for saying something.

Lisa said...

I don't blame you for being upset at all, and poor Erin didn't sound too happy about it either. What a way to end the day!

With that all said, cast this under th list of dumb things that people do, thinking they're being cute or sweet or endearing, to perfect strangers. Kinda like the old ladies that insist on rubbing a pregnant woman's belly. Being from the 'old days' he probably didn't mean any harm, but in today's society these old folks need to realize that we have to protect our children from so much more.

Sorry you guys had to go through that! Good girl, Erin, for speaking up!

The Katie Starr Team said...

Oh my goodness Tammie; I am so upset that you all went through that. There is just no excuse for that type of behavior!!

Erin, we are so proud of you! You have such a wonderful mommy and daddy but of course you already knew that because you are such a smart girl.

Lisa said...

Funny, both Dominick and Joe were put off by your visitors / intruders when I told them about it at dinner last night.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

What? You handled it very well. I would have gone after him if I had the chance before Jacob decked him!
Lily showed her classmates her baby sisiters photo and one of the mums turned around and said, Oh you're buying a baby. I wasn't very polite!

Shari McConahay said...

OMG!!!! Wha - wha - WHAT? Let's try to assume this idiot did not mean any ill will, but, ughh. . . what appalling behavior! You guys handled yourselves SO WELL. With Myke's anger and my potty mouth, if it was us, our daughter and that old man would have learned a few choice new words that night! We must practice on that and take lessons from Tammy!