Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February = Bronchitis? Since when?

That's right. Don't bother looking for your Puff's Plus Lotion tissues. It seems that we're going to be buying out the stores. Erin's cough has gotten so bad that I had David bring her to the doctor today. I love Dr. Liang. She is absolutely wonderful - even as she gives you news that you don't necessarily want to hear.
It's February, & Erin & I are days away from leaving for Spring Hill. That said, she has to come down with bronchitis. This is a normal thing for us. One year her bronchitis gave way to pneumonia. I think we caught it in time. Erin's been coughing up a storm but has been feeling fine. She hasn't run a fever since last Wednesday when she ran 102.8 for an hour. The week before that, she was out of school for a few days.
Nope. Not gonna let a little ole bronchitis keep me from my vacation. She'll be fine. I absolutely insist upon it.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Feel better soon Miss Erin. We will see you very soon!

Vivian M said...

Get well soon Erin! And have a wonderful vacation!

i-Con said...

Ah spunk! I hope she shakes that misery soon.

Lisa said...

Wishing the germies leave your house just as fast as they leave mine! Get better quick, Miss Erin!