Friday, February 01, 2008

That Darn Cat!

I have finally figured it out! I've been having a terrible time this last month getting any sleep. As it is, I've never really slept through the night, but this is just downright crazy.
I have fibromyalgia pretty badly but tend to ignore it as much as possible. Unfortunately, I'm having cluster problems on the right side now. I haven't been able to do much with my right arm - lifting it hurts, the arm & hand are swollen, etc. My medication is taking forever to work. Okay! So I'm supposed to take it every day & don't, but I've never pretended to be good with medication. (Even my doctors know I never take anything unless I'm forced to.)
Well, last night I passed out by 7:15. I remember hearing Erin tell David that I needed to go sleep in my bed. They dragged me in, & I was sound asleep till about 3:00 am. I woke up & couldn't fall back asleep so off to my computer I went. When I finally went back to bed, Troi came with me. As I lay down, Troi proceeded to follow suit & lay down also. As I lay on my tummy, she settled right onto my right shoulder & purr.
Yup. That darn cat. She's a sweet kitten but I'm definitely losing sleep. And, no, I wouldn't trade her for the world.


Vivian M said...

Time to close the door and leave kitty out of the bedroom, at least for just one night!
Nah, you would never do it.
Feel better soon my friend.

i-Con said...

Cat-algia...been there. But, I know what you mean, I wouldn't toss the furbags out either.

Magi said...

After 8 years, my husband just figured out that it was our 90 lb dog in the bed that was causing him to have a backache many mornings. I could have told him that 8 years ago!

And yes, the dog still sleeps with us. ;o)

Michelle said...

Oh Tammie - I totally sympathize. My Tiger Lily sleeps with me every night. I don't sleep well most nights due to the fibro - I too try to ignore it.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh... maybe Troi could come keep Buster company cuz I"m about over him sleeping all over me! When Joe was living here, he spent many night in his room, but as soon as he left, Buster made himself back at home on top of me! Between the kids and the furballs it's a wonder we all get any sleep at all!