Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vacation Fun

Every year Erin & I go to visit with our friends Art & Susan & their children.

Susan & I met online when our families become DTC (Dossier to China) which is now known as LID (Log In Date). As part of the February Waiting Hearts & the GW DTC groups, we spent a long time chatting online & eventually got to meet in person Christmas of 2002. David & I went to breakfast to meet total strangers who offered to sit with us & answer whatever questions we might have. We to meet the incomparable Hannah & the beautiful Olivia their first 2 daughters. David was won over immediately by their girls, & the rest is history.

We've been home 4.5 years now & have visits every few months between our families. Since then, Susan & Art have completed their family with Erin's orphanage sister Julianna & the sweet Isabella. And of course our family is complete with our beautiful Erin.
Chinese New Year is the one time of year that Erin & I go to visit them. We go up the day before our agency CNY celebration so the I can help Susan with the preparations & also remind her to relax a bit herself. We invade their lovely home, relax, play & have fun. Susan & I hunt down all the Starbucks so we can sip our beverage of choice & just generally enjoy doing nothing much.


Vivian M said...

Nothing much? You mean all the preparations!
The kids are getting so big, wow!

fricke92 said...

Wow...their kids are so beautiful!

Sandra said...

The kids are SO big and SO beautiful! That little on reminds me of Tahlia :-)

PIPO said...

Great piccies!

Chai tea latte, anyone???